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Who We Are?

Wellness Dunya Industries focus on product and solution for healthier lifestyle whether it is Food, Sanitation or Automation of daily public used items with the help of technology. Wellness Dunya Industries’ product engineering group brings innovative products that emphasize firstly the social aspect and then work on commercial values to make it feasible. We are a diversified product development and Research and Development company that focuses on Wellness and technology-driven solution integration.

Our Vision

Business House focusing on several aspects of People’s lifestyle.

01. Discussion
How can we help governments, institutes, and in general public utilize technology to the best which eases public lifestyle at the same time help institutes and government in easy governance.
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02. Ideas & concepts
New technologies hold great promise for improving government and individual effectiveness, a multi-faceted concept that includes, efficient delivery of public goods and services in the field of Education, Health, Environment.
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03. Develop and Launch
Application Needs and Product Development is the core of our business and we have a wealth of experience to draw upon.
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From Founder’s Desk

We are in a transition period with ever-changing people and habits we follow the need and develop solutions whether it may be healthy food and ingredients or develop products that will help and support our daily routines. Having come from an engineering background and products and business development experience we consolidated the ideas and being visionary work on building solutions to help mankind.

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